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These analytical and top-loading balances provide precision weighing in an innovative and practical design. Applications include analytical chemistry, formulations, parts counting, animal and specimen weighing. The design is modular and cost-effective. These balances have capacities from 62 to 8,100 grams and resolution from 100 to 0.1 milligrams. Units feature a custom LCD display with alphanumeric characters, "one key one function" operation, auto-zeroing and auto-stabilization. The display is easily switched between metric and non-metric units. Calibration is performed at the touch of a button to either an external mass or to an internal standard if the "internal calibration" option is ordered. The InCal™ feature senses ambient temperature changes and alerts the user when calibration is required. A bi-directional RS-232 com port enables a computer interface for data acquisition and automated operation. These balances are manufactured to ISO 9001 Certified Quality Management standards. The units are UL, IEC, CSA and FCC approved and comply to GLP/GMP requirements. Each unit is backed by a 5 year warranty.


The Model MB-200 Moisture Balance is designed to provide automatic and accurate moisture content analysis for the plastics industry. It is also widely used in processed food, chemical, pharmaceutical, and additive moisture determination. Its total capacity is 200 grams with a resolution of 0.01 gram to provide accuracy to ±0.01 percent moisture. This instrument is also usable as a precise laboratory grade top-loading balance. The unit is designed for ease of operation as all functions are user selectable from the front panel. In the auto-dry mode, it enables you to select the rate and temperature then it begins unattended testing. The readout displays either 0% moisture or 100% solid at the beginning of the drying cycle. Actual percent of moisture is continuously displayed throughout the heating process. When the test is over the unit gives an audible beep and locks the final moisture content in memory. The multi-temperature feature enables three different temperatures to be programmed within a single cycle up to 3 hours. The RS-232 interface allows the unit to be connected to a computer for automated data acquisition and graphing. The weighing mode is equipped with auto-zeroing and auto-stabilization. The accuracy of MB-200 can be verified by placing a standard mass on the pan. The unit may be calibrated with the touch of a button

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