MSCP Series data loggers utilize microprocessor-based circuitry to provide an economical means of measuring and recording the response of sensors used in industrial, medical and laboratory applications. Parameters such as temperature, humidity, pressure, flow, velocity, pH, voltage, current, resistance, and gas concentrations are transmitted as ASCII coded data to a personal computer. All eight channels are individually scaleable to provide readout in engineering units. Model MCSP-L/S-HT provides built in signal conditioning and linearization for UPS-500 humidity sensors and 10K NTC Thermistors resulting in a cost effective multichannel instrument for monitoring environmental conditions.

The logger provides 32 Kbytes of memory enabling data to be field recorded and time stamped at user selected intervals ranging a few seconds to over a hour. Recordings can be made for durations ranging from a few minutes to several months. Since the data is stored in non-volatile memory, it may be uploaded any time after it is recorded. No special software is required as the data is stored and transmitted in ASCII delimited format via a bi-directional RS-232 com port. Any standard terminal program such as Windows Terminal or Procomm may be used. The data is configured to wrap in the memory; therefore the first data in is always first out. Once uploaded, the data may be saved in text files and exported to applications programs, including most spreadsheet programs for graphing and statistical analysis. Additionally, the MCSP-L/S may be used to view measured data in the real time mode with screen updates of 3 seconds to several minutes. All commands for configuration, logging, uploading and the real-time mode are rudimentary imbedded commands requiring no special programming. The MCSP-L/S series is assembled in an aluminum enclosure with convenient DIN plug-in connectors. The loggers are FCC and CE certified and calibrated to NIST standards.


SP-2000 Humidity, Temperature & Dew Point Data Loggers are powerful and easy to use electronic recorders that incorporate the latest advances in microprocessor and humidity sensing technologies. These loggers are based on 12-bit A/D architecture which provides outstanding resolution at economical cost. SP-2000s feature an industrially proven CMOS IC thin-film polymer sensor for humidity measurement and a precison NTC thermistor for temperature measurement. The humidity sensor has excellent long-term stability and resistance to airborne contaminants and condensation. %RH and dew point measurements are temperature compensated over the full range.

SP-2000s are perfect for verifying environmental conditions in offices, labs, computer and equipment rooms, museums, clean rooms, greenhouses, manufacturing areas and storage areas. These units are ideal for ensuring compliance to industry regulations and quality standards, monitoring the performance of air-conditioning equipment and troubleshooting indoor air quality and energy management systems.

SP-2000’s utilize Spectrum for Windows software (Windows 3.1, 95, 98 and NT). The software provides detailed graphs, charts, printouts and statistical analysis with just a few keystrokes. You can display temperature and dew point data in °F or °C and "zoom-in" on any time interval of the recorded data. Setting up the logging interval, start time and wrap/stop feature takes only few moments. The logger is equipped with a 10-year battery and up to 21,500 data samples may be stored in memory for 20 years. The data is downloaded to any PC based computer via the standard RS-232 port. In addition SP-2000s may be polled to provide real-time readouts and saved data can be exported to other spreadsheet or word-processing programs.



Palm-sized and self-powered, SP-4000 Series data loggers interface with industry standard sensors and transmitters to acquire important information about industrial processes, environmental conditions and machinery performance.

These loggers utilize a 12-bit A/D architecture for outstanding resolution and accuracy over wide measurement ranges. Up to four direct process signals of 0-1, 0-5, & 0-10VDC or 0-20 & 4-20mA are recorded into non-volatile memory. The logger is also equipped with an internal reference temperature sensor. The recorded data may be uploaded to any PC running Spectrum for Windows software to provide time based graphs, spreadsheets and statistical analysis. SP-4000’s are powered by an internal lithium battery that provides 10 year operation. Up to 21,500 data samples may be stored at selectable intervals ranging from 10 seconds to one day.

SP-4000 Loggers are simple to set up and use. Just connect two wires from your sensor/transmitter to the logger’s input channels using a removable screw-type terminal block. Connect it to any PC via the serial port. A few clicks of your mouse enables you to set the logger up with respect to scaling, engineering units, logging interval, start time, and wrap/stop feature. No programming or complex equations are required. The software automatically converts the recorded results into engineering units for display, analysis and presentation. Once uploaded, the data can be saved to disk and exported to other word processing and spreadsheet programs.

SP-4000 Series Loggers are ideal for interfacing with any instrument that is supplied with analog voltage or current loop outputs. This includes a wide range of test and measurement instrumentation for monitoring pressure, flow, fluid level, pH, electrical properties, moisture, humidity, temperature gas concentrations and much more. It is ideal for researchers, building operators, test & measurement engineers and quality control personnel.



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