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TA3 Thermal Anemometer


Airflow TA3 is proof in the hand that a top quality air velocity and temperature measuring instrument is available at low cost. Providing outstanding convenience and superb value TA3 displays accurate and precise air measurements time and time again. Whatever your needs for fast, reliable air measurements at an unbeatable price the versatile TA3 provides the instant solution for virtually any application. Dont pay more for anything less than the best. Simple to use, the well-proven technology presents clear, precise readings on a high clarity, anti reflective, digital display. The lightweight hand held meter is ergonomically designed to fit the palm of your hand and with just two tactile switches, your choice of imperial or metric units and automatic electronic zeroing are easily selected. The inbuilt automatic thermal compensation works constantly to ensure that air velocity readings are maintained stable and accurate, whatsoever the air stream temperature between 0 and 80C. The pencil slim probe is durable for on-site and in duct use and is so versatile it can be manipulated to access almost any position within arms reach. The superb yaw and pitch (see Tech Topic 001) characteristics of the Airflow thermistor bead probe design also allow accurate, repeatable readings to be maintained, even up to 15deg from the airstream centreline.

Calibrated to an Internationally recognised standard the TA3 is supplied with a FREE TRACEABLE CERTIFICATE OF CALIBRATION and a reply card is also included for purchasers to register with our FREE annual calibration reminder service.

All Airflow instruments, including the TA3, are designed to help meet the stringent requirements of the Control Of Substances Hazardous to Health (COSHH) and Building Regulations in the U.K.

For our U.K. customers the reminder card service ensures valid certification for COSHH, ISO9001 and Quality Assurance requirements.



Simultaneous temperature & velocity display

Automatic temperature compensation

Slim probe with 1m lead Metric or imperial display

Best accuracy in its class

Simple two button control

Large clear LCD with fast response


Excellent accuracy and resolution

Saves you time and money

Measure with confidence

Proven technology

Easy to handle and simple to use

Lightweight and tough on-site

Free Calibration certificate

Produced by the worlds leader in portable anemometers


HVAC commissioning

Safety cabinet checks

Comfort conditions


COSHH compliance

Environmental monitoring


Metric Mode

Imperial Mode

Velocity Range

0-20 m/sec

0-4000 ft/min




Accuracy at 20C and 1013mbar

3% of reading 1 digit


0.01 m/sec

1 ft/min below 30 ft/min
2 ft/min above 30 ft/min

Temperature Accuracy

1C 1 digit

2F 1 digit

Probe Dimensions



6.8 ins



5/16 ins

Cable Length


39.5 ins

Weight (less battery)

400 grams

14 oz.

Power Supply

4 type AA 1.5v cells, (rechargeable alkaline or zinc carbon)

Battery Life

Approximately 15 hours using alkaline cells

Standard Kit

Meter with user guide, probe and blanking cap
Probe restraining bands
Calibration certificate


Hard cover protective carry case