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Portable, Precise, Pressure Readings

The PVM50 micromanometer is a compact, hand held instrument designed to measure pressure and air velocity, quickly and easily at the push of a button.

This stylish meter is one of the lightest of its type and contains up to the minute microprocessor technology ensuring superb accuracy at all times. Combining the benefits of convenience and speed of use with simple one handed operation PVM50 is the perfect choice for a wide range of air measurement applications.

Readings in either metric or imperial display appear on the large clear LCD. With direct readings of both pressure or air velocity the requirement for further complex calculations is significantly reduced. PVM50 is also one of the few portable electronic manometers currently available, which in addition to differential pressure, can measure positive and negative pressure with equal accuracy and without having to reverse the pressure tube connections.

Outstanding accuracy is also a feature of PVM50 with high resolution across a wide measuring range, enabling low pressure applications to be measured with excellent accuracy as well as higher pressure systems. Automatic zeroing is also very important in allowing the operator to check the accuracy of the meter. This quick check only takes about 5 seconds to complete and re-enforces both user and client confidence in the test data.

Calibrated to an Internationally recognised standard the PVM50 is supplied with a FREE TRACEABLE CERTIFICATE OF CALIBRATION and a reply card is also included for purchasers to register with our FREE annual calibration reminder service.

All Airflow?Instruments, including the PVM50 are designed to help meet the stringent requirements of the Control of Substances Hazardous to Health (COSHH) and Building Regulations in the UK.

For our UK customers the reminder card service ensures valid certification for COSHH, ISO9001 and Quality Assurance requirements.



Velocity and pressure in metric or imperial readings

Automatic zeroing

Accuracy "in your hand"

Digital readouts

Reads positive and negative pressure with equal accuracy


Convenience with accuracy and precision

Lightweight and easy to use

Supplied with carry case and tubing

Compatible with all pitot static tubes

Two instruments in one case


HVAC systems

Compliance with COSHH regulations

Process monitoring

Plant maintenance

Filter condition checks





Pressure Range

-250 to 2500 Pa

-1 to 10" Wg

Velocity Range

1.8 to 64 M/sec

360 to 9990 ft/min

Maximum Overload

34 KPa

138" Wg



1 Pa up to 2000 Pa
10 Pa up to 2500 Pa

0.01" up to 10" Wg


0.1 M/sec

10 ft/min



1% of Reading 1 Digit


1.5% of Reading above 10 m/sec (2000 ft/min)
1% FSD below 9.9 m/sec (1999 ft/min)

Operating Temperature

0 to 50oC

32o to 122oF

Power Supply

1 Only 9v PP3 (IEC6F22) Alkaline Battery

Battery Life

20 Hours Continuous Life (Alkaline Battery)

Weight Less Battery



Dimensions of Instrument

190 x 81 x 33mm

7.5 x 3.2 x 1.3"

Standard Accessories

Carrying Case, Operating Manual

Optional Accessories

Pitot Static Tubes, Telescopic Pitot Static Tubes
Manometer Accessory Kit, AM2 Data Logger