MEDM 500 and MEDM 5K





The MEDM 500 and MEDM 5k are precision microprocessor manometers providing direct digital readings of pressure, velocity and volume flow in both metric and imperial units. They can be used with Pitot Static Tubes, Flow Grids and other differential pressure sensing devices for which a ?K? factor is known. Featuring automatic zeroing, as well as a range of temperatures and duct static pressures which may be entered to display compensated readings in line with the prevailing test conditions, thereby eliminating the need for tedious manual calculations. An 80 input memory with averaging facility is also incorporated to store multiple readings together with an analogue output to download information onto a data logger or compatible printer.

Available in two models, the MEDM 500 is designed for high accuracy low to medium range HVAC applications while the higher range MEDM 5k provides outstanding resolution for more general purpose measurements.

Clear precise instructions and data are displayed on the dot matrix screen with the MEDM?s user friendliness further enhanced by the touch sensitive control pad.

Calibrated to an Internationally recognised standard the MEDM 500 and MEDM 5K is supplied with a FREE TRACEABLE CERTIFICATE OF CALIBRATION and a reply card is also included for purchasers to register with our FREE annual calibration reminder service.

All Airflow instruments, including the MEDM 500 and MEDM 5K, are designed to help meet the stringent requirements of the Control Of Substances Hazardous to Health (COSHH) and Building Regulations in the UK.

For our UK customers the reminder card service ensures valid certification for COSHH, ISO9001 and Quality Assurance requirements.



Reads pressure, velocity and volume

Digital display ? switchable between metric and imperial

Choice of medium and high range models

Memorises, averages and recalls up to 80 readings in each range

Analogue output


Three meters in one

High accuracy over complete range

Portable and laboratory use

Compatibility with printers and data loggers

Comparative values ? everytime


HVAC testing and balancing

Process control systems

R & D test unit

Environmental systems

Laboratory safety monitoring



MEDM 500


Pressure Range

0 - 500 Pa
0 - 2 in wg

0 - 5000Pa
0 - 20 in wg

Velocity Range @ STP*

0 - 28.8 m/sec
0 - 5680 ft/min

0 - 91 m/sec
0 - 17960 ft/min

Volume Range @ STP*

0 - 999.9 M/sec
0 - 5.68x106 cfm

0 - 999.9 msec
0 - 9.999x106 cfm

Max Overload
(Differential Pressure)

20 in wg

200 in wg


.1 pascal
.001 in wg

1 pascal
.01 in wg

K Factor Range

1.00 to 2.99

T Duct Temperature

0 to 699C (0 to 1299F)

P Duct Absolute Pressure

70 to 140 Kpa (20 to 39in Hg)

Area Imput Range (Volume Flow)

0,00001 to 99.9999m (0.0001 to 999.9999ft)

Memory Size

80 Pressure, Velocity or Volume Flow Readings

Accuracy of Displayed Reading

1% of reading

Output Facility

0 - 1 mA on each range (adjustable)

Storage Temperature

-10 to +60C (14F to 140F)

Temperature Operating Range

0 to 40C (32 to 104F)

Power Supply

6 x 1.5 volt cells. IEC R6 or equivalent

Battery Life

In excess of 60 hours

External Battery Supply

Mains adaptor 8 - 10v dc
200mA minimum capacity

Overall Dimensions

255mm x 240mm x 118mm (10in x 9.4in x 4.6in)

Weight (less Batteries)

2.4kg (5.3lbs)