MEDM 2500 Micromanometer








The EDM 2500 electronic micromanometer provides accurate and precise readings across a wide choice of pressure ranges. There are two easy to use versions available displaying readings in either metric or imperial units across the range 0 to 2500 Pascal's or 0 to l0in w.g. The instrument will also directly read air velocities up to 28 m/s or 5500 ft/min when used with a pitot static tube. The EDM 2500 is lightweight and portable and when supported by the neck strap allows the operator to have both hands free. An important consideration for on-site testing. It can also be used in the laboratory and operated from mains supply using a battery eliminator. A carrying case and neck strap are supplied with the unit and a full kit of accessories is available as an optional extra.

Calibrated to an Internationally recognised standard the EDM2500 is supplied with a FREE TRACEABLE CERTIFICATE OF CALIBRATION and a reply card is also included for purchasers to register with our FREE annual calibration reminder service.

All Airflow Instruments, including the EDM2500, are designed to help meet the stringent requirements of the Control Of Substances Hazardous to Health (COSHH) and Building Regulations in the UK

For our UK customers the reminder card service ensures valid certification for COSHH, ISO9001 and Quality Assurance requirements.



Direct reading of pressure and velocity

Choice of ranges for high resolution

Fast response with superb accuracy

Optional Mains supply

Low battery display

Analogue output


One instrument - two functions

Convenience with precision

Comparative values - every time

Hands free operation

Portable and laboratory use

Compatibility with printers and data loggers


HVAC testing and balancing

Laboratory safety monitoring

Useable with all types of pressure sensors

R&D Test unit

Fully Certified for assurance testing and COSHH

Process monitoring

Environmental assessments



EDM 2500 M (Metric)

EDM 2500 E (Imperial)

Pressure Ranges

0 - 2500 Pa
0 - 500 Pa
0 - 125 Pa

0 - 10 in wg
0 - 2 in wg
0 - 0.5 in wg

Velocity Range

0 - 28 m/s
0 - 14 m/s

0 - 5500 ft/min
0 - 2800 ft/min

Storage Temperature

-10C to 60C

14 F to 140F

Recommended operating environment

0C to 40C
500 mb to 2 bar

32F to 140F

Maximum overload (static) pressure

25 kPa

100 in wg

Accuracy of pressure reading @ 20C from "1mA" output socket

1% FSD of chosen range (additional meter tolerance 1.5% FSD)

Temperature coefficient of pressure reading

0.15% per C of reading

Power Supply

4 x 1.5 volt cells IEC R20 or equivalent

Battery Life

In excess of 300 hours (alkaline cells)

External Power Supply

Battery Eliminator range 5V to 13V dc 20mA


0 - 1mA on each range Maximum resistance 1.5K ohm

Overall dimensions

250mm x 112mm x 235mm

10in x 4.5in x 9.25in

Weight (less batteries)

3.6 Kg

7.9 lb

Optional Accessories

Data Logger, Pitot Tubes (various sizes), Telescopic pitot, Flow grids, Manometer accessory kit, output converter and battery eleiminator

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