DM-509 Series Thermo-Hygrometer are compact and portable reference Relative Humidity and Temperature meters. A thin-film polymer humidity sensor, a precision RTD, and state of the art digital circuitry is utilized to provide readings with high repeatability and accuracy. A LCD display gives direct readout of %RH from 10-95% with ±2% accuracy and temperature from -4 to +140°F or -20 to +60°C with ±0.4°F/±0.2°C accuracy. DM-509s are available with a fixed or remote probe connected to the readout unit via a coiled 1-Meter (3.3Ft) cable. The units operate on a 9VDC transistor battery for 200 continuous hours. They have an "auto-off" feature to conserve battery power as well as "low-bat" indication. The DM-509 Series meters are ideal for the monitoring, servicing, commissioning, and calibration of test chambers, clean rooms, computer rooms, greenhouses, warehouses, museums, critical production and storage areas. They are indispensable instruments for monitoring the performance of HVAC equipment and measuring outdoor climatic conditions. Options include a leather carrying case, Teflon or sintered steel filters for dusty environments, and humidity reference salts for verifying operation. Each unit is CE certified and calibrated to NIST traceable reference standards.


AMM & DPM Series Dew Point Meters are designed to measure the performance of compressed air and process drying systems. These units are ideal for monitoring commercial and industrial applications including: plastics resin dryers, breathing air, pneumatic tools, instrument air, and spraying/coating applications. Dew point is measured by utilizing micro-processor circuitry to convert the voltage output of OHMIC’s HC-600 water vapor sensor and a temperature sensor to dew/frost point temperature by the use of psychrometric equations.

Model AMM-15 is a portable battery operated unit equipped with a 32-Kbyte data logger.Model DPM-35-XR is assembled in a carrying case with an internal vacuum pump for drying ovens and chambers. Model AMM-10 is assembled in a steel NEMA-4 enclosure with a remote pipe mounted probe. It is used to conform to NFPA-99 requirements for monitoring compressed air in health care facilities. Each unit is suitable for direct connection to air or industrial gases up to 175 PSIG and 140ºF. Heat sink tubing enables direct sampling from plastic drying systems and ovens up to 550ºF. In addition these units are available in an economical "kit" form for installing in equipment panels. Each unit provides analog outputs and RS-232 interface.

The accuracy of the AMM & DPM Series dew point meters is consistent with chilled mirror hygrometers costing thousands of dollars more. Each unit is calibrated to NIST traceable standards and supplied with a Certificate of Calibration with functional test data. Utilizing OHMIC’s dew point meters to monitor plastic resins assures that the drying equipment provides the performance for consistent high quality injection molded products. Periodic monitoring of industrial air systems results in reduced maintenance costs and avoids downtime caused by freeze-ups and separated water, the leading causes of corrosion in pneumatic systems.



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