S-503 Series Humidity Calibrators enable users of humidity sensors, transmitters and readout devices to quickly and accurately generate reference humidity conditions traceable to NIST standards.

These lightweight and self-contained units utilize a drift-free thin-film capacitance sensor and microprocessor based closed loop controllers to modulate the flow of air through a saturator and desiccant. An axial fan continuously circulates air through the test chamber for maximum humidity and temperature uniformity. This results in a system that stabilizes to within 0.5% RH of the setpoint within five minutes.

S-503’s were designed with calibration technicians in mind. The calibrator is equipped with the convenience of a built in 15VDC power supply and provides direct readout for 0-1, 0-5, 0-10 and 4-20mA transmitters as well as %RH and temperature. The unit has access ports for five 3/4" (19mm) OD probes. The ports are easily removed and replaced with custom templates to accommodate various sizes of humidity sensors and probes.

Weighing only 3 pounds, S-503’s are readily transported from the laboratory directly on the job site. The unit is powered by 9-12VDC and is supplied with a 120/230VAC plug-in adapter. The only maintenance required is periodically refilling the easily accessible saturator and desiccant chambers.

These units provide a system uncertainty of ±2% RH and Model S-503 is supplied with a Certificate of NIST Traceability. For higher precision an independent reference standard such as a chilled mirror hygrometer may be utilized.



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